The Journal

A User Interface to Manage your Stories

Identity Management System utilizing User Profile(s) outlining statistics bounding in Positive, Behavior, Motivation, and Social Psychology.


Personality Fixations, Skill Matrices, Resource Inventory, Journey Map, Task Management; These help to define a user.


Provide a Skill in a Story you’re giving a Service. Post your needs for Services on the Pubic Bounty Board.


Connections, Organizations, Guilds, Communities. Multiple methods for individuals to interact exist.


Skills Based Coaching, Mentoring, Analysis and Reporting help illustrate pathways to meet a user’s Charter.

Win The Game Of Life, and Be Your Best Self, Today.

The journal is your hub for character building, self-improvement, assignments, and management.

Create your character based on your job skills, profession, and personality assessments. Fully control your appearance, virtues, and goals.

Accept task assignments and engage in Bounty Board activities. Build relationships with people from your groups and around the world.

Acquire items, endorsements, and rewards for your account.

Set real-time goals that you want to achieve, and track your progress along the way with milestones, achievements, and completed tasks.


An Interactive Reality utilized to manifest a User

Artificial Intelligence

Using the mirror’s analytics and non-interactive Journal NPC entities comprise the landscape of the Seal.


Using the power of JavaScript, dynamically created environments are available for users to connect within.

Unique Experiences

Because the landscape of the Seal is always and non-persistent. The user who interacts with one landscape today might not get the same experience as another person tomorrow.

Custom Content

Cryptocurrency, Player Made Items, User Managed Cities. The more capabilities that are added the further player creation depth grows.

Virtual Interaction And Adventure. An Ongoing Story

The Seal is a gamified application that lets users explore the game world and mechanics.

Our integrated, multiplayer, training and service management system. Role-play with other users, reach goals together, and work as a team

Set in a dystopian, futuristic over-world, with customer-generated instances to explore. Start on your quest to bring back order to the game world, and control your destiny

The only gaming experience that measures your real-life stats against crowd-sourced data. Achieve more in your career, life, and relationships by following the same paths that successful adventurers have taken in the real world.

Turn your problems and hurdles into visually manifested characters based on in-game lore. See your deadlines as a great beast to tame. Imagine fitness goals as an antagonist standing between you and your treasure.

The Mirror

A View Into You

Identity Management System utilizing User Profile(s) outlining statistics bounding in Positive, Behavior, Motivation, and Social Psychology.


Saga to Task, experiences that comprise our lives.


Illustrate Self, Social, or System fixation combined into Vices and Virtues.


Competency and Challenge are what set the State for a User’s Engagement.


Intrinsic and Extrinsic rewards to help award behavior.


Purpose, Balance the focus of the Chakra Feedback System.

Win The Game Of Life, and Be Your Best Self, Today.

The Mirror is your analytical engine using the latest in Artificial Intelligence to give you back statistics and meaningful insights

Based on the Human Resources Lifecycle, it allows organizations and communities to validate diversity, inclusion, and belonging, along with many other valuable data points.

Crowd-sourced data is the backbone of Black Lake Laboratories. Our Skills Matrix, Profession Matrix, and performance mechanics thrive on user-generated and statistical information.

Transaction development is also linked to the Seal. Our in-game currency is constructed around the same fundamental principles as leading blockchain cryptocurrencies. This is our way of ensuring a fair and balanced playing experience for all users.

Character level scaling is determined by collected information associated with the performance review mechanics. Factors including self-care, engagement, emotions, relationships, and achievements all have an important impact on character stats.


Planned roadmap for our development