23 Experts, 4 continents, over 9 nations, united in 1 goal; creating the best team

Paul Hedges

Chief Executive Officer

Altjen Berberi

Chief Information Officer

Jonnet Solomon

Financial Advisor

Jenni Hedges

Resource Director

Tyler Renelle

Technology Advisor

Alysson Whitlam

Legal Director

Mohamed Ramadan

Financial Manager

Aaron Buffington

Game Development Director

Moeed Lodhi

Transaction Development Director

Ali Kazmi

Application Development Director

Kareem Zahran

Lead Application Developer

Sam Abu G.H

Lead Application Developer

Pasquale Monniello

Lead Designer

Alessio Ebani


Matteo Sali


Thomas Cabai

Concept Artist

Ivan Appio

Concept Artist

Tommaso Mechini

Concept Artist

Bertie Beeching


Parid Kushta

Junior Software Engineer

Peter Sekesan

UI Engineer

Kyle Kirsch

UX Engineer
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The Mission


To take scientific concepts; define practical applications in the real world--craft value streams around these solutions and bring them to market.


Our Vision

A World Together

It is no wonder that successful businesses incorporate digital training in their on-boarding. It works, and we take things to the next level by making it an integral part of the work environment. Real-world tasks become a team effort in-game, and progress is made with each project conquered.


A Strategic Approach


Treat your personality and self-improvements just like building a character in your favorite RPG. Your real personality, habits, accomplishments, and stats are all integrated into your character’s profile. Find out where you stand, show off your strengths, and have clear direction towards skills you can master. Be your own personal coach.


The workforce of tomorrow will live through social platforms. Their strongest friendships, built from online multiplayer experiences. Black Lake Labs’ services take advantage of their existing mental reward system. Your project teams won’t be “going through the motions.” They’ll be slaying this week’s dragon, and helping interns make it to level 12.


There is measurable value in efficiency, strong relationships, and automated motivation. Instead of sinking hundreds of productive hours into team activities, make every accomplishment a long term investment in your company culture and work ethics.


Weekly Content: will be populated throughout the experience and added regularly. Using Lean-Portfolio management, benefits to the whole will be measured against capabilities of the internal teams. Quests that cannot be completed by our internal team will be posted to bounty boards.

Transactions:Story+Survey Process: Converts writing structures into a Quest Framework; every story attempt to relate to Meaning, Traits, and Engagement--to ensure happiness and satisfaction.

Dynamic Experiences: every week input from members will be measured and adjusted to a program backlog for implementation. An unknown experience waits behind each customer's implementation of an instance

Community: Will allow Users to interact with other Members in a multitude of ways. This can be a typical UI experience of an immersive Game Experience. Social networking, gig work or education engagements.

Hybrid-Distribution Thinking: Members of the system benefit from a constant evolution of information. As it is added to the database from user submitted content and transactional data analyzed by a value based Artificial Intelligent Agent. This allows users to identify constraints that would have not otherwise been observed in a typical lifecycle.

User Journey Maps: Measure your life in a way that feels like a Real-Life RPG! Founded in different aspects of human growth and development, we have united an interface that we call your Journal. Measure yourselves back to familiar statistics such as Chakra(s), Strength, Weaknesses, Virtues, Skills, Professions, Traits, and more.

Unique Currency and Economic System: Designed from the ground up, a Hex-based Transaction Cryptography was written to handle interactions between entitles by accounting for a multitude of variables utilizing the STEAM Profiler. This system provides a unique Crypto Currency similar to BitCoin's use of Blockchain. The underlying economy is based on THERMOECONOMICS, you are rewarded for expending energy in any sense.

Interactive Abilities: Build your competence by accessing thousands of careers and skills; find new ways to demonstrate abilities with these skills on evolving threats and objectives. Unlock the secrets of human energy and see if you can bring magic back to this dimension.

Appropriate Challenges: User profiles will track competency against challenge and provide feedback based on these recommendations. If you decide that you are more skilled than the system, you can attempt to participate in challenges dictated outside of your scope. You are the master of your destiny!

Crowd Source Your Problems: Convert "Problems” into Non-Playable Characters, join and form teams to approach your issues in an entirely new fashion. Choose to remove yourself entirely from the process and send it to the bounty board.

Organized Gatherings: Social events will be held regularly according to agreed traditions. These customs will be reflected across all instances with sub instances providing their own flavors.

Rewards & Decorations: An in-depth ranking, achievement, and awards system designed after the U.S. Military and emphasized with Motivational Psychology. Communities will be provide the capacity to create custom Awards for their organization.

Interactive Analysis Tools: Using the frameworks that were created to define this process you can access the distributed ledger to conduct your own public analysis.

Ever Expanding Universe: The more users, the more data; The more customers, the more instances. As our business grows so does the universe--Any time we find something we believe to be worthy of learning and experiencing our team will generate a new instance.


Target Objectives

BLL Ecosystem

With our technology it is time to connect. With a digital reality interconnecting users and allowing free flowing knowledge to those around us. We reward for the energy they expended in life and the Pursuit of Happiness. Those are the ideals that we kept in mind when developing a community framework to unite us all together. A profile to define the soul and guide the spirit; these are the fundamentals of your Journal; it is time to collaborate--Join the System.

The Journal

Identity Management System utilizing User Profile(s) outlining statistics bounding in Positive, Behavior, Motivation, and Social Psychology.

The Seal

Gamified Interactive Application that allows Users to move about to logical locations that can facilitate Pedagogy, Services, and Social actions.

The Mirror

Analytics engine within a structure utilizing Human Resources Lifecycle, Traits, Role Fixations, and Alignment. A method for Organizations and Community 'members' to measure specific Values.

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