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Compassion & Relationships

A world together starts and stops with the people.

Integrity & Service

The foundations of our mission.

Performance & Innovation

Finding new ways to solve problems.


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The Journal

A User Interface to Manage your Stories

The Seal

An Interactive Reality utilized to manifest a User’s Ledger

The Mirror

A View Into You
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Executive Leadership Team

Altjen Berberi
Chief Information Officer
Tyler Renelle
Technology Advisor
Jonnet Solomon
Financial Advisor
Jenni Hedges
Resource Director
Alysson Whitlam
Legal Director
Mohamed Ramadan
Financial Manager
Aaron Buffington
Chief of Staff
Moeed Lodhi
Transaction Development Director
Ali Kazmi
Application Development Director
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BLL Flyer(2021)
STEAM (2020)
Crispie A.I.(2018)


Bellow we have provided a bit of information about our most commonly asked questions

What is the Black Lake Labs mission?

Our mission is to take scientific concepts and find practical applications in the real world, creating value and bringing our solutions to market.

Paul Hedges founded BLL after being inspired to create a virtual gaming experience centered around self-improvement and the achievements of day to day life.

BLL is a team of engineers, developers, and marketing experts that design, test, build, and test technological applications, software, and concepts.

What is the Journal for?

With the Journal, you’ll build your character, manage your profile, and interact with assignments.

Your character stats are centered around your achievements, career, personality, and relationships. You are in control of your appearance and character.

Your progression is based on tasks you complete, goals you achieve, and interactions you have with other players.

What is the Seal?

The Seal is a gamified application that allows you to explore and interact with other users in the digital reality.

It’s a multi-player role-playing game, set in a dystopian future. Users interact with each other to overcome obstacles, complete tasks, and improve their skills in the real world.

Your tasks, problems, and milestones are represented in the game as NPCs and based on in-game lore.

What does the Mirror do?

The Mirror is our analytical engine that drives the mechanics and value behind the game-play.

Information is crowd-sourced externally and internally from user data. It’s designed around the fundamentals of the Human Resources Lifecycle.

The game world currency follows the principles of blockchain cryptocurrencies to ensure fair and unbiased playing experiences for all users.

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